Sunday, February 12, 2012


One Saturday in early January, I went for a one hour walk around the neighbourhood - found and reported one vandalised sports ground, 5 vandalised Australia Post boxes, one vandalised Sydney Water cabinet, one vandalised play ground, one vandalised phone booth, 10 vandalised electricity kiosks and countless vandalised shops around Five Dock. 

Saturday 14 Jan 2012
But wait! There's more! Went for a walk in the opposite direction on Sunday and found - 4 vandalised bus shelters, 1 vandalised early childhood centre, several vandalised RTA traffic light control cabinets, 3 vandalised electricity kiosks, 1 vandalised fish & chip shop, 1 vandalised playground, 1 vandalised mall, numerous vandalised businesses, 1 vandalised school and one old bloke scrubbing the graffiti off his door entranceway at 9am. Phew.

Sunday 15 Jan 2012
And that was just one weekend in January. There's been lots more since then.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for fighting this good fight.

denny crane said...

yo dawg why you not post for so long, its like you gave up the good fight. graffiti is going stronger than ever, there are numbers to report the graffiti, i report it and yet it stays up :/

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