Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taking a break for the school holidays

The school holidays generally see a spike in vandalism, graffiti and malicious damage. An exception to this was the August holidays, which were wet and miserable. Two weeks of rain and cold weather kept the kids inside, and offered few opportunities to get out and about and cause a bit of mayhem.

The Christmas holidays have been different - nice hot weather for most of the time. The result has been a big spike in graffiti in most of the usual areas. I'm not going to bother with reporting any of it until the holidays are over - there is a good chance that if anything is cleaned over the holidays, it will be tagged before the little dears are back in the classroom. I am building up a nice file of sites to report, and unfortunately, it gets thicker by the day. Either we have grown a new crop of vandals, or the old ones have rediscovered their mojo.