Saturday, February 6, 2010

Odd way of celebrating the New Year

Like many people, I spent the morning of Jan 1 cleaning up after the night before. Champagne corks, beer and wine bottles, streamers, sparklers, chop bones, paper plates, plastic forks and so forth were scattered all over the back yard. However, none of it was permanent, and all the mess was on private property. Others obviously have other ideas about how the evening should be marked....

Gay taggers only?

There is a small sign above the door of this garage that reads "blah-blah Rd gay taggers only".

We now have gay-friendly graffiti zones?

New graffiti advice on Energy Australia website

Energy Australia has put a link on their homepage to combatting graffiti. The downside of the new page is that they want all graffiti reports to be phoned in, which in my experience, is a pain in the backside. I can enter a report via their "contact us" web page in less than 30 seconds. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to do it over the phone (once you find their number, ring it, press this and that to get through all the prompts and then wait for an operator. On top of that, the hours of their call centre are limited - I generally find myself reporting graffiti at 10pm or later, and the call centre is closed at that time - and it's shut on Sunday.

I'm going to continue with using the web page, and see how things go.