Monday, March 29, 2010

Post no bills

Update - the day after I took the photo down below, it rained. Absolutely poured down. The posters that had been taken off this pole and dumped on the ground turned into a sodden mass, and when I went past a bit later in the day, they were halfway towards the drains.

Someone - council perhaps? - has been through here and ripped all the posters off this traffic light post. However, instead of taking them away, they've left them on the footpath.

How long before they either blow around the streets, or wash into a drain and end up either in a water way or on a beach?

I wish the people who stuck these things up would think about what happens next.

Strange place to give way

There are no missing signs at the intersection, so I am guessing the sign was ripped out and tossed in The Bay some time ago, and given the murky state of the water normally, no one knew where it went - until the tide went out.

Someone has gone to a reasonable amount of trouble to rip this out of the ground, concrete base and all.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Various things

I love it when bone lazy people use a water bubbler in a park as a rubbish bin, instead of walking 10 metres to an actual rubbish bin. These coffees were purchased at the cafe 150 metres down the road (the Audi Five Dock advertising on them gives the cafe away), so the lazy sods were clearly capable of walking some distance. They just couldn't complete the final 10 metres to the bin.

The water bubbler is working - I tested it.

The bubbler, the bin and the seat the lazy sods were presumably reclining on.

Woe is me, what a distance to travel. It's even worse when you think that these people might be locals, and walked several hundred metres home from this park.

Another abandoned car - maybe. Reported to Council.

Either Energy Australia are getting much better at cleaning their assets, or the vandals are slowing down. I have reported 9 vandalised kiosks so far this year - but I reported 24 in the last 3 months of 2009. Maybe I'm just not traveling as far and wide anymore.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Falling apart at the seams

The furniture at some of our local bus stops is looking somewhat the worse for wear. Whilst the bus shelters have to put up with unnatural damage (vandalism), the outdoor seating is suffering from years of wear and tear from the elements. A lot of seating is starting to look like the one below, on Hampden Rd in Abbotsford.

The concrete frame is fine, but the wooden slats are rotten and splitting, and the bolts holding them on are rusting away.

The seat in the foreground is in pretty good condition - the photos above are of the seat in the background. Most bus stops also have a bin - many have been sprayed with graffiti, or show signs of having been set on fire (blistered paint that has peeled off, allowing the bin to rust).

Here we have an example of the new seating that Council installed when the Wareemba shopping strip was recently upgraded - it's a fine bit of furniture.

Replacing and repairing street furniture costs money - no doubt about it. However, I wonder how regularly the seating is being looked at by Council? I can handle shabby, so long as it's safe to sit on. However, some seating is starting to look like it is ready made for a personal injury lawsuit.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tis the season for pot holes

The recent rains have had the side effect of mucking up our local roads. Pot holes have been opening up here and there, including this one on Barnstaple Road in Five Dock. If you bother reporting them to Council (which is as easy as sending them an email), they'll be fixed within a few days. If you don't bother reporting them, they'll still be there next winter.

Update - got a phone call from Council at 8.30am this morning. They said it will be fixed today.

See - all you have to do is ask, and not treat it as somebody else's problem.