Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why am I not surprised?

Two teenagers, suspected to be graffiti vandals, arrested in Blue Mountains as 750 spray cans found

During the search warrant at 2.45pm yesterday, police allegedly located 756 cans (40 boxes) of spray paint of various colours, 91 marker pens, tools, a circular saw and other construction items in a garden shed in the backyard.

"After the break in where items belonging to the construction company were stolen, police in the Blue Mountains area noted there was more graffiti on public and private property,” said North West Metropolitan Region Commander, Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford.

I have long wondered whether there is a link between graffiti and more serious crime. One story like this does not prove that graffiti is just the tip of the crime iceberg for all vandals, but it at least shows that for some criminals, graffiti is just part of their portfolio of criminal activities.

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