Sunday, December 20, 2009

There goes the teenage drop-in centre

We don't actually seem to have an official teenage drop in centre around these parts. So as with all things, if one doesn't exist, fertile minds will create one.

This particular building has been abandoned and empty for as long as I have lived in the area - but just recently, the developers have moved in and demolition has commenced.

The local vandals weren't deterred by security fences or boarded up doors. As you can see, they've been plenty busy on redecorating the interior.

Most of the windows have been broken, and there is evidence in several locations of fires having been lit inside.

In a year or two, all of this will probably be replaced with modern apartments like those in the background.

I was wondering how the stone blocks were being removed - with a very big saw.

Right now, the only residents at this site are a couple of ducks.


William said...

It looks like quite a nice post war buiding.

Do you know what it was? A tech school or hospital prehaps?


Keep up the good work.

Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

I have no idea. I have often wondered what it is. I've walked around the entire site a few times trying to get a handle on what it used to be. I've always thought it might have been a hospital.