Thursday, October 28, 2010

I know the courts are slow, but this is ridiculous

In April this year, I emailed the people responsible for managing the Downing Centre court house and asked them to replace the flags out the front - they were completely worn out. Faded, torn and tattered. I like seeing the Australian flag flying outside public buildings - but I also want to see that it's flown properly and with respect. Those responsible for the flags at the Downing Centre appeared to have no idea about flag protocol.

I noticed last week that they've finally raised two new flags.

It's incredible that it's taken them six months to procure two flags. Six months!


ANFA said...

Congratulations for taking the initiative to have the flags replaced at Downing Centre Court House. Without the effort of proud citizens such as you our flag would not receive the respect it deserves. You may wish to consider joining the Australian National Flag Association to promote and defend our flag... see

Anonymous said...

You are aware aren't you that your nagging complaints are hardly at the top of the priority list for a place as busy as the Downing Centre, right?

Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

Perhaps - but the court buildings are designed and built to convey the weight and majesty of the law. Flying the flag out the front reminds us that the courts apply the law for all Australians. What sort of message does a tatty Australian flag send to the public - that we don't give a stuff?

It's our flag, and as far as I am concerned, our public servants and court officials MUST treat it with the respect it deserves. Therefore, I will nag them for as long as it takes, and I don't give a stuff what you think about that.