Monday, November 1, 2010

Beautifying our streetscapes

The Leichhardt Council area has had them for some time - artistically decorated RTA traffic light cabinets. Normally, these cabinets are a dull grey, enlivened quite regularly with a variety of graffiti tags. Rather than endlessly paint them to cover the tags, the RTA allows Councils to decorate them with public art.

There are a lot of these cabinets around Canada Bay - every set of traffic lights has one. Council made a start this week by working on half a dozen of them in an area that is high visibility (in terms of passing traffic) and high impact (in terms of the amount of graffiti applied).

It's a great start - I hope to see more of it in future.


Anonymous said...

You are supposed to be watching the road not looking at this stupid art to see how good it is, CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!any defacing, legal or illegal of these cabinets is dangerous.Wake up Australians.

Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

I was in the passenger seat when I took the photo.