Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What do hippies get up to?

I'll start on a lighter note for once - an amusing bit of graffiti under a road bridge in Rhodes. The caption says "Happy New Year (cause U no wat hippies get up 2)". It's nice to see a mildly amusing piece of graffiti once in a blue moon.

Unfortunately, the rest tends to be like this. "Cheers c*nts".

I'm not sure who is responsible for cleaning this up - it's a bureaucratic Bermuda Triangle. This used to be a railway bridge, but it's been converted into a cycle/pedestrian bridge. The question is - who owns it now? Is it still a RailCorp asset, or is it now with the RTA, or the Ministry of Transport, or what? I'm going to have to write a letter to get to the bottom of this one if my website inquiry gets nowhere.

This is the underside of the railway bridge - there is a new railway bridge next to the old one, and this is definitely a RailCorp problem. Issues like this can be reported via the CityRail website. There is a railway underpass near one of the stations that I use from time to time - vandals have sprayed paint over all the light fittings, so it's pitch black after dark. That makes it easier for them to vandalise the tunnel or to rob people, so I've finally remembered to report it to CityRail.

Not long now until I'll have reported 150 vandalised Energy Australia kiosks like this one.

Graffiti in Rydalmere - is it 'artistic' to say that "Fems love big penis"?

Or that "Jared is gay"?

Interesting message on this barrier - "The world is ours". That's a nice thought - now, how about keeping it neat and tidy instead of wandering around damaging and spray painting everything in sight?

This team of vandals have thoughtfully left their names on the back of the barrier. Amazing how much damage 11 teens with a few spray cans can do. The entire area is littered with their tags - and this is a new housing development that really only opened last year. They've been very busy.

The new walking track along the river has a dozen or so street lights overhead - every single one of them has been smashed. Is it the same group that's done all the tagging? Maybe, maybe not.

There used to be a plaque on this rock commemorating.... something. I suspect it's been stolen. I've let Council know.

The summer holidays are always a peak time for graffiti, vandalism and malicious damage. I've seen a number of street signs around the place that have been bent partially or fully over - some have been snapped off. That's not the result of being hit by a car - that's teenagers grabbing the pole and pulling it over. I reported the one below to Canada Bay Council via email on Sunday - they fixed it on Monday. That's another couple of hundred bucks that the ratepayers will have to pick up the tab for.

Graffiti on a Sydney Water pumping station. 2116 is the post code for Rydalmere. I've read a bit about gangs putting up tags with their post code, but this is the first one I have seen east of Parramatta. I've reported this via the Sydney Water web site.

Finally, a problem caused by engineering "vandals". A trench has been dug across the road here between the jetty on the other side of the road and the park behind where I'm standing. When they've filled it in, the crew has either run out of tar, or they've been in a hurry to get home. The surface of the refilled trench is at least an inch below the rest of the road in some places. It's not so bad if you hit that in a car, but it's an almighty crash when you hit it on a bike - and this is one of the busiest bike paths in the inner west.

I emailed Leichhardt Council this morning and asked them to put a bit more tar in the trench - they've logged it and passed it over to their maintenance division for action.

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fernando noronha said...

its just a temporary cold bitumen, they have to make it a little over road level and compact everything below but even so it will still settle. Especially on a busy road.