Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November update

Since my last post, I've been quietly plugging away at asking the RTA, RailCorp, Australia Post, Energy Australia and Telstra to clean up their assets.

Energy Australia have been good - there is a bit of a lag between calling 13 15 35 and seeing some fresh paint being splashed on a vandalised kiosk, but the work is getting done.  I'm still not happy with their approach - instead of Energy Australia staff regularly having a look at the state of their kiosks, they still expect members of the public to call in vandalism.  But at least they do fix it when you call them.

I managed to track down the phone number for the Transfield Services division that are responsible for maintaining Telstra's exchanges.  It's 1300 363 869.  I reported the vandalised exchange on Great North Road a few weeks ago, and I'm waiting to see if it gets cleaned up before Christmas.

RailCorp are still trying to avoid repainting their vandalised bridge in Lilyfield.  I got another letter from them yesterday, with the suggestion that I talk to the Council in that area.  They don't seem to get the point that the graffiti is on the bridge, where only RailCorp staff can work, rather than under the bridge, where Council can take care of it.  

I got an incredible letter back from Australia Post implying that if I complained too much about their tardy attitude to cleaning letter boxes, they'd simply close them and rip them out as unprofitable.  

The one bit of good news is that the RTA have been very responsive.  They provide feedback when they finish a job.  They generally do a fairly reasonable job - not perfect, but reasonable.  They come back to sites that have been vandalised, and paint them again if need be.  I don't need to contact them again and again and again if sites are frequently hit.  They are more proactive than all the other infrastructure companies combined.

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