Friday, November 28, 2008


The last letter that I received from RailCorp suggested that I report their graffiti covered bridge to the local council for cleanup.  I've done that - I rang Leichhardt Council this week and told them about this bridge over Charles St in Lilyfield.  I'm not sure they can do much about it, but they might start annoying RailCorp now as well.  

If you go to this site on Google Maps and have a look at the street view, you'll see this graffiti.  I don't know when Google had the photos taken, but the graffiti has clearly been there for a long time.  

A busted bike has been dumped into the rail reservation.  I'd guess this bike was stolen.  Both tyres and rims and wrecked and the frame is bent.  To those who say that graffiti is a harmless past time, I say this - come and have a look at the mess left behind at this site by vandals.  It is littered with rubbish - beer bottles, paint cans and all sorts of other detritus.  

Here's another view of the bridge.

Just down the line, there is this pedestrian underpass.  I don't know if this is the responsibility of RailCorp or the local council, but I've reported this to Leichhardt Council as well.  I did it over the phone and didn't get a reference number, so I hope something comes of it.

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