Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cleaning and breaking

The following photos were taken around the Ryde area.  The first shows a cleanup crew in action along the river - this group were organised enough to have a rowboat that they used to collect rubbish from the water.  There were at least a dozen blokes walking along the river banks with large sacks, picking up rubbish as they went.  I passed piles of sacks that they had filled and stacked up awaiting collection.

A well organised bus, fitted out with all the tools required to clean up an area.  We could do with this visiting a few areas around Canada Bay.

Two examples of vandalised signage in the same area - most of the signs setup along the path that follows the river had been broken in a manner similar to this.

Or this.  

Lots of people walk or ride past these signs every week.  Most would notice that they've been maliciously damaged, and I suspect that most would also believe that the local council would magically find out about the damage via a mythical "eye in the sky", or something to that effect.  As far as I am concerned, the only way the council is going to find out about this sort of thing is if somebody tells them.

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