Saturday, April 9, 2011

A few updates

We have some conflicting points of view when it comes to advertising posters on road and rail bridges.

I got a comment this week saying:

These sites under the bridges etc are legal sites. It's leased out by rail Corp for advertising.
On the other hand, I got the following feedback from the RTA (Corporate Communications):

Regarding your enquiry of 23 March 2010, the RTA does not allow posters to be displayed on over/under passes on bridges so any application to do so would be declined.

I'm going to write to RailCorp and see what they have to say. I'd be surprised if they had a different answer to the RTA. RailCorp does have legal sites - most of them are on stations facing the platforms, and are large billboards. I worked for the CityRail Marketing Manager at one stage, and he was in charge of the advertising contract. Back then, it was billboards only. They might have changed their policy - I'll soon find out.

As for abandoned cars, the Suzuki that I reported a week or two ago has gone. I was coming home last week and I spotted a bloke jump starting it from another car. The next day, it was gone. I don't care where it is now - so long as we don't have unregistered cars out on the street.

I gave the iPhone Snap Send Solve application its first test last week - it was quick and easy to use and I got a response back from Leichhardt Council the next day (I reported a fresh batch of pot holes down near La Montage in Lilyfield).


Citizen On Patrol said...

Hi, just want to applaud what you're doing. I know you feel it's nothing special because this is what everyone should be doing anyway, but people do need an example and your blog is an inspiration.

A common gripe of this kind of work is having to deal with councils. Well I just came across a website, specifically targetting graffiti vandalism, which seems to simplify the process and make it easy to report.

Perhaps you've already covered it, I'm not entirely sure, but I'm about to start using it and if successful I think it could be a really useful tool for others as well.


Sinus said...

Great article in the Sydney Morning Herald generating some discussion today: