Monday, June 13, 2011

150 days of vandalism in 50 seconds

As you can see, I go past this site fairly regularly. I've made it a habit to stop and take a photo (3 photos actually which I then stitch together) in order to track what the vandals get up to over time. Last time I reported this site to the RTA for a cleanup, I suggested that they engage an artist to paint a mural on this wall - I still haven't heard anything back from them.


fan of yours said...

This requires an opperation by authorities. Best if it was the Police.

Put up some covert cameras and stake out the location and catch the vandals in the act.

Then prosecute, prosecute & prosecute.

Anonymous said...

That wall gets pumped because there is an abandoned factory next door to it. To me its more appalling a building full of asbestos left to rot in a residential area than some graffiti, Im pretty sure its a government building as well, if government doesnt give a f### about the area how can you expect kids to. Time the adults took responsibility and took their share of the blame for the derelict community.