Monday, October 5, 2009

There's none so blind.... those that will not see. Five seconds after taking this photo:

I turned around to see this car waiting at a red light. An Energy Australia car. The company responsible for the defaced kiosk that I was standing next to. The driver, presumably an Energy Australia employee, was no more than 30 feet from a bit of vandalised Energy Australia asset - and I guess he/she couldn't give a stuff.

I watched where the car went after the lights turned green, and walked a few hundred metres of that same route. Along the way I saw this:

Not this - this was in the other direction.

But I also saw this.

How willfully blind do you have to be to drive past 3 clearly vandalised assets that your company owns, and to ignore them all?

It would be even worse to find that the employee in question lives in this area, and passes these same assets twice a day on their way to and from work. That would be really dedicated blindness.

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