Saturday, June 7, 2008

RTA and the City West Link

Back in April, I noticed that both sides of the noise barriers along the City West Link were being defaced.  So I wrote to the CEO of the RTA (again).

Mr Les Wielinga

Chief Executive

Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW
P.O. Box K198, Haymarket 1240

23 April 2008 

Dr Mr Wielinga

 Cleanup of graffiti along the City West Link

 This photo shows a section of the noise barrier that runs along the City West Link.  It has been vandalised on both sides at numerous locations – ie, the side facing the road and the side facing the residents.  This was taken in Wragge St, Lilyfield.

The pedestrian overbridge that crosses the City West Link has also been vandalised with graffiti.  I suggest you get a crew out to check for graffiti from the intersection of Balmain Road around to Boomerang St – on both sides of the noise barrier and on all surrounding infrastructure.

 Yours sincerely



A response came back within 2 weeks, and then not long ago, I was driving along the City West Link and noticed a crew painting over graffiti.  I haven't had a followup letter from the RTA yet, and I don't care whether I get one or not - the important thing is that action has been taken.

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