Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another week goes by...

Spring is here, and the vandals have emerged from their winter hibernation and have started stalking in their old habitats. After a few months of not seeing much to report, the first week of Spring has taken me back to my old levels of activity. There have been letter boxes, Energy Australia kiosks and RTA assets galore to report, all freshly covered in the colours of the new season.

The true mark of the turning of the seasons is the reappearance of graffiti on the grandstand in Five Dock Park. During the warmer months, the area around the grandstand is a favoured mating ground for the younger members of the species. They congregate, engage in drinking rituals, attempt to chat up the opposite sex and then leave their markings on the grandstand, much as dogs mark their territory by cocking a leg. The first tags of Spring appeared after Saturday night, perhaps after a festival of the equinox.

I can see a busy few months ahead of me.

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