Saturday, September 12, 2009

RTA vs Energy Australia; somebody else's problem

Five weeks ago, I noticed this broken light pole along the City West Link in Haberfield. A car or truck appears to have run off the road, colliding with the pole with enough force to push it back, twist it around through 90 degrees and snap the light fitting off the top of the pole.

I reported it to Energy Australia, and let a month go by. Nothing happened, so I reported it again.

My compadre has since suggested that these poles are taken care of by the RTA rather than Energy Australia (who look after about 98% of the light poles in Sydney).

I've now reported it to the RTA as well.

Energy Australia have been pretty hit and miss lately. In some cases, they'll clean a kiosk within a few days of me reporting it. Then a swag won't be cleaned at all. I don't know whether their system is "eating" a bunch of my reports, or some other gremlin is loose in the bowels of their bureaucracy.

If this is an RTA problem, why didn't Energy Australia make the effort to either:

a. Pass it on to the RTA, or
b. Tell me that it was not their problem, and that I'd have to report it to the RTA.

Like I said, very hit and miss at present. I have this feeling they've just said, "Somebody else's problem" and binned my report.

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