Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Third time lucky

Over the last few weeks, I've tried several times to get someone to take an interest in fixing a listing light pole along the City West Link. The pole looks like it was hit by a truck back in early August, which tipped it back somewhat as well as twisting it through 90 degrees. The pole appears to be slowly tilting towards the water, and it would be slightly embarrassing to those concerned if the foundations gave way one day and the pole crashed down across the running track and landed in the harbour.

After reporting it twice to Energy Australia and once to the RTA, I have finally received a response from Energy Australia saying that they will attend to it within 12 working days, which is their standard service level etc etc. I hope the pole stays upright that long.

The City West Link is one of Sydney's main roads. In any given week, dozens of RTA and Energy Australia employees must drive along it, passing the light pole in question. That includes those going to and from work, and those driving around in company vehicles during working hours. Did any of them bother to report it? No, because that would be somebody else's problem.

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