Monday, September 28, 2009

Didn't take long

This house used to be painted white, and it was covered in graffiti on both the front and side. A few weeks ago, a fresh coat of pink paint was applied.

Here I was, thinking that painting over the existing graffiti might deter vandals from striking again. Well, as Canada Bay Council point out in their newly released Graffiti Strategy, if you leave graffiti untreated for 2 weeks, there is a 100% chance it will come back. However, if you get rid of it within 2 days, there is only a 10% chance it will come back.

This is not some anonymous public structure, like a letter box, or an abandoned building, or a hoarding, or a business. This is someone's home. Those windows are someone's lounge room.

There are those out there that think graffiti is a victimless crime, and that we should just accept it. My guess is that the people advocating that idea have never had graffiti applied numerous times to the wall outside their lounge room, or had to put up with drunken yahoos carrying on at night every weekend in the park just over the road.

In their world, graffiti always happens to someone else.

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