Sunday, May 25, 2008

Australia Post

I sent this letter off approximately two weeks ago - still waiting for a response from Australia Post.  I'll scan it and put it up if I ever get one, or I'll put up another photo of the letter box if they ever get around to cleaning it up.


Australia Post Customer Service Centre
PO Box 1018

11 May 2008


Dr Sir/Madam

 Vandalism of letter boxes

 The photo below is an example of the state of many of the letter boxes around the inner west in Sydney.  This letter box was vandalised some months ago, and it appears that no effort has been made to clean it up.  This particular letter box is on the corner of Victoria and Lilyfield Roads, Lilyfield.

Given that every letter box is supposed to be emptied once a day by a contractor or Australia Post employee, I am amazed that your assets could continue in this state for so long.  Are your contractors and staff bothering to report vandalism so that it can be taken care of, and are you bothering to take action against graffiti – or do you not give a bugger?

 I would appreciate it if you could ensure that your staff are reporting instances of vandalism wherever they find it, and that their reports are followed up and acted upon.  Would you have any faith in an organisation that allows its front line assets to be left in this condition?

 The post office in Five Dock also needs a cleanup – there has been graffiti on the outside wall for months.

 Yours sincerely

Not somebody else's problem

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