Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why call it NOTSEP?

Here are some propositions:

  • We have allowed parts of our built environment to decay or become trashed
  • People walk, run or drive past this mess every day, and they see it, but they never do anything about getting it cleaned up - because it is somebody else's problem to take care of it
  • No it's not.  Nothing will ever be done about it unless someone takes an active interest in fixing it.  
  • Don't hang around waiting for someone else to take action - get off your bum and take some action of your own.  It's really not that hard.
So there you have it in a nutshell.  This blog will hopefully act as a guide to anyone else who has become sufficiently steamed up about what they see around them, but has never known what to do about it.  

If you want things to improve, the first step is to accept that it is not somebody else's problem.  That's the hard part.  Once you can accept that, everything else is a breeze.


Anonymous said...

As a person who lives in a largely graffiti free zone I think you need to consider the following.
1: Inner big cities attract slime Solution if you want to live in a graffiti free zone either move up market or move to the burbs.
2: Sydney has a well deserved reputation as having disfunctional corrupt Councils. Solution run for Council.
3: Country towns are usually graffiti free. Why because they send their undesirables to Sydney to become graffiti artists or politicians. Not withstanding the local tag artists tend to use their names when painting up the town which makes them easy to round up.
4: Letter writing is old hat. Suggest you look to Iraq for ideas on how to approach the problem.

Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

Applying rule .303 would tend to solve the problem, but it might be seen as a bit messy and extreme around these parts.

i will stick to letter writing and leave the gat and pigsticker in the cupboard.