Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Broken playground equipment

I'm hoping I haven't spoken too soon about how wonderful Canada Bay Council is when it comes to responding to problems.  In my last post, I described how I found a broken gate at a local playground recently, and all the other parents stood around talking about how it had been broken for weeks, but none of them did anything about it.

I revisited the site last night to check on progress and found that someone has done a bodgie job on the gate.  This gate should have four hoops in it - the one that is second from the left is missing.  Whoever "repaired" this gate has unscrewed the one on the far left and simply moved it across to the right a bit to fill in the gap.

Just one problem - there is still enough of a gap for kids to run through.  

Did I get angry and shake my fist at the nearest tree and curse the council?  Did I stamp my foot and kick the rubbish bin and rant and rave like a lunatic?

No.  I went home and emailed this photo to one of our councilors, along with a short explanation of the problem.  When I got home tonight, I found he'd replied and is onto it.  

Simple, as it should be.  Councilors are locals too - they live in the area, some of them have kids, and they understand these sorts of problems.  They are not remote figures who spend 3/4 of their life in Canberra.  

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