Sunday, May 25, 2008

What is this blog about?

I am not a tree hugger by nature.  Living in the inner west, there really aren't that many trees nearby to hug anyway.  What we do have though is a lot of built environment - buildings, walls, bridges, structures, posts, roads and so on, and that has become the forgotten environment.  Which is odd, since that is the environment that 90% of us live in.  We live in suburbs of varying density, but the common feature of all of them is that there are bits that need looking after - and they aren't being looked after.  The Greenies can go hug whales and things - I'm more into getting pot holes filled in and graffiti covered walls cleaned up and abandoned cars towed away.  

I'm not terribly into doing that myself mind you - mainly because there is so much to be done, it's a full time job for 10 people in our area alone.  Instead, what I do is pester the people who do have a responsibility for keeping our built environment in a descent condition.  Building owners, Councils, authorities of various sorts, government agencies, businesses, tenants and so on.  What I have found is that in most cases, the people responsible for our built environment are so physically distant from it, they have no idea what condition it is in.  They simply need a gentle prod from time to time to get out of their distant ivory towers and come out and scrub up the stuff in our suburb.  So that's what I do - I act as a pair of eyes for what you might term "absentee landlords".  

Not all of them appreciate that of course, but that's not my problem.  That's somebody else's problem.

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