Friday, May 1, 2009

Don't hold back

The Daily Telegraph has run a story today on a vandal who has been sent to jail by the same magistrate who sentenced Chayane Back earlier this year.  The comments that go with this story are worth a quick read - they are the complete opposite of what Werribee Watch usually gets. 

The Tele has hit a nerve with these stories - our local MP, Angela D'Amore made a comment at the CSPC meeting a few weeks ago that the response she got to the Chayane Back jailing was enormous and overwhelming, and it was all positive (in that the voters have no qualms about locking up vandals, and like to see them caught).

I can't do much about catching them, but I can do something about getting graffiti cleaned up, so I did my usual thing today with reporting graffiti on a few letter boxes to Australia Post and a few traffic light utility cabinets to the RTA.  Every little bit helps.

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