Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Systematic followup and tenacity

Most of the organisations that I deal with are pretty good at responding and following up on the matters that I set before them.  They appear to have systems in place that ensure that things aren't forgotten about.  It's office management at its most basic.

Most, but not all.

I had to chase up Carmel Tebbutt's office this week over an email I sent them nearly two months ago.  I got an initial response two weeks after I sent that email, promising follow up action.... then nothing.  They might be working on a response, but I assume nothing.  Two months is a long time to investigate a fairly simple matter.

Carmel Tebbutt is occasionally touted in the press as a possible replacement for the current Premier, Nathan Rees.  Given how slow and useless her office appears to be, I don't rate her that highly on her organisational and management skills compared to her fellow MPs.

As for tenacity, I've been reporting the same old sites all week to the RTA, Australia Post and Energy Australia.  I report the site, they get around to cleaning it, a few weeks later it gets hit again; I report it and the cycle continues.  I continually wonder why I am the one having to do the reporting - particularly with Australia Post.  Their management will wake up one day and realise that they have a problem, and part of the solution is right there in front of them - getting their staff to report graffiti on Australia Post assets as they do their rounds.

I'll have to chase up Council this week about painting RTA utility cabinets with murals to deter graffiti.  That idea seems to have bogged down somewhere in the bureaucracy.  If you don't continually drive these ideas, they go nowhere.

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