Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reporting graffiti to Telstra

I finally got around to reporting graffiti on a phone booth today that I first spotted on 2 May. Even though Telstra staff or a contractor have probably visited that phone during that time to empty out the cash, I doubt anyone has bothered to report it.

A timeline for you:

11:18:30 - Rang 13 22 03 and listened to some interminable messages. Chose option 3.

11:19:00 - spoke to an operator, found that I had gone through to the wrong department. Put on hold.

11:20:40 - operator found the department that I needed to speak to, put me through.

11:21:40 - finally got to where I needed to be, gave them the details. I couldn't give them the phone number as it was unreadable under the spray paint.

11:23:00 - call complete.

Four and a half minutes - not bad. It's taken me 20 minutes in the past to get through to Australia Post, which is why I now only log problems via their web site. I'm still surprised that Telstra only allow you to log faults over the phone. Given that they are also a huge internet company, it seems odd that they don't give you a web based option. I'm sure I could log a problem via the web in less than 4 1/2 minutes, which would make me more likely to get around to reporting it sooner, rather than 18 days later.

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