Friday, May 15, 2009

Signage SOP

I have finally found someone at Sydney Olympic Park who can get things fixed.  The SOP website is terrible as far as finding out who works there and what they do.  The switchboard is not much better.

It's nice to see that they have seen the light and will install vandal-resistant signage to replace a wrecked sign.  However, I would have preferred it if they had figured that out on their own. Why does it require input from an outsider to fix the bleeding obvious?

Installing graffiti or vandal resistant signage is just one of the many costs of vandalism that the taxpayer has to bear.  It annoys me when people say "It's art".  It's not art if it destroys the function of the object upon which it is sprayed - in this case, a map.  If you can't read the map, you've destroyed it, and money has to be spent fixing or replacing it.

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