Sunday, June 14, 2009

New kid on the block

We welcome a new name to the NOTSEP pantheon of vandals, delinquents and taggers.  This one goes by the tag of "rotor", along with a number of variants on that.

When I first spotted the tag the week before last, I spent 15 minutes walking around a few streets to see if I could discern a pattern - and here are the tags that I found, plotted thanks to Google Maps.  The tag on the far right is near the skate ramp in Five Dock Park.  On the far left, we have the Five Dock shopping centre.  It looks to me like rotor has done a lap between those two sites - a trip from 'food' to 'fun'.

Rotor left his tag on a number of publicly owned assets, including those owned by the Council, Australia Post and Energy Australia.  

The map above should help explain why I have been so keen to get all utilities to report vandalism to the Police - if all graffiti incidents end up in a centralised database that has a mapping capability, you can start to discern patterns in the behaviour of particular vandals.  

In this instance, I am pretty sure that until recently, the only spots on the above map would have been those at Council owned sites, because only Council was collecting information on vandalism and reporting it.  Without a full information picture, you'd never be able to spot a pattern of behaviour.  The only reason I can show you where I think rotor walked (or rode his skateboard) is because I took the time to walk around and have a look for his trail.

Collecting information is crucial, and so is collecting a full set of information.

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