Tuesday, June 16, 2009

They really don't care

Over the last month, I've reported about a dozen vandalised kiosks (those green substations that lurk in suburban backstreets) to Energy Australia.  Energy Australia are generally quite good at arranging to have them cleaned - within a week or two, most are back to being boringly dull green.

My constant complaint is that Energy Australia has staff driving around all day in Energy Australia vehicles, and a reasonable percentage of these staff must drive past vandalised kiosks and substations.  I have even had a chat with one bloke who parked next to one to do his paperwork.  My impression is that as far as these mobile Energy Australia staff are concerned, vandalism of Energy Australia assets is not their concern.  It is somebody else's problem. Someone in another department or division, possibly in another building.  Definitely someone that they never come in contact with during their working hours.

Just to drive this point home, I photographed this Energy Australia truck recently in Canada Bay.  It appears to be parked at the home of an EA employee.  Assuming this employee works out of the Homebush depot, they have to drive past at least 3 regularly vandalised kiosks to get to work, and the same 3 on the way home.  How many instances of vandalism do you think they have reported over the last year?

I can safely say "zero", since the only time those kiosks get cleaned is when I report them.

Why is it so hard to encourage staff to notice and report this kind of stuff?  Do they have any pride in the organisation that employs them?

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