Monday, June 29, 2009

The small things

Canada Bay Council was formed about a decade ago by the merger of the Municipality of Concord and Drummoyne Council.  You can still find relics of the two old councils around the place - generally in the form of forgotten, worn out signage.  Signage has a finite life before the elements or vandals reduce lettering and symbols into an incoherent mess.  As most of these signs were emplaced before the introduction of GIS systems and computerised asset management, most councils are probably unaware that they exist.  They remain in place, unloved and unread (or unreadable) until someone comes along and says, "Fix this or give it the flick".

In the first instance here, this sign has clearly had it and needs replacing or removing entirely.

This nearby sign reads "Sid Richards Playing Fields", although you would never know it because all the paint has peeled off the lettering that has been inscribed in the planks.  A bit of paint on the lettering will do the trick.

Both have been reported to Council with a suggestion to remove/replace and touch up.

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