Monday, July 6, 2009

The buck stops where?

I spotted a stretch of illegally posted bills last week along the underside of the M4 motorway in Strathfield.  This spot is owned by the RTA.  The interesting thing is that the first three posters were for a federal government initiative.  As laudable as that initiative might be, putting up posters on property that is not yours is illegal.

I'm waiting for Canada Bay Council to advise me on what their policy is in this regard.  If they are in the mood for cracking down, I hope that they send Nicola Roxon, the federal minister, a fine.  After all, the buck stops with her.

As these more recent photos show, the RTA has come along and stuck a wide roll of paper over the top, presumably to render the posters useless, and to discourage others from posting here as well.  This to me says that they don't want posters stuck up here, and the attentions from the Dept of Health are unwelcome.

We, the taxpayer, get stung twice for this.  Once for the Dept of Health to run this campaign, and once to clean up the mess afterwards from public property.  If this is someone's idea of a stimulus package, it's a sick joke if you ask me.

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