Monday, July 27, 2009

What did your kids do during the school holidays?

For many kids, school holidays mean a trip to a holiday location, or a sports camp. For others, it's a time to go ballistic with the tagging and the vandalism. With the onset of cold and wet weather, it looked like most vandals had gone into hibernation about a month ago. Then, a day or two before the school holidays commenced, they went nuts. I haven't blogged much for the last few weeks as I decided to simply let them go feral over the holidays, and to then start reporting their trails of destruction once they went back to school.

A new term starts today, so I started my graffiti reporting this morning. I've got a swag to report - mainly Energy Australia kiosks, which appear to have been the target of choice these holidays, along with the news agency in Five Dock.

The cycle of making a mess and then cleaning it up starts again.......

PS - I forgot the mention RTA utility cabinets, which have also taken a hammering.

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