Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who owns what?

There is a cycleway underneath the M4 motorway, and there are cabinets every so often for supplying electricity to the lights along the pathway.  Most of the cabinets have been vandalised, and they bear a simple tag like this one:

M4 Cycleway metering 
Electricity supply from Martha St
Pole No. 889

Thinking that anything to do with electricity would be looked after by Energy Australia, I logged this problem with them.  They have replied today that these cabinets belong to the RTA.

It's nice that EA responded quickly, and pointed me at the RTA, but I wish the companies or agencies that own these cabinets would put some sort of identifying tag on them, along with a contact number in case of problems.  

I've now logged this with the RTA.

Most of the asset tags on these cabinets are unreadable.  It looks like they have been tagged before, and whoever came and painted  them painted straight over the tags, obliterating the information on them.  I've also asked that the RTA clean the tags up and remove the paint from them, so that they appear as originally intended.

These cabinets are also "off the beaten track", and I guess they are not visually inspected very often.  If they are tagged, the only way they will ever get cleaned is if a member of the public reports them.

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