Monday, July 6, 2009

The slow pace of life in the Education ministry

I wrote to Verity Firth MP last Monday (the NSW Minister for Education) and requested that she arrange to have a new flag issued to Auburn North Public School, along with a booklet on proper treatment of the flag.  Given that schools are where we are supposed to teach children how to do things properly, it might be an idea to teach them through example how they should respect our flag.  

Auburn North is not doing a very good job of that.  In fact, they are doing a shocker of a job. Their flag is so tattered, faded and worn, it is even worse than the tree-tangled dish rag that was being flown out the front of Five Dock Police Station.  And that is saying something.

As of the weekend, the old dish rag was still there.  The flag is not floodlit, so it should have been taken down on Friday at the end of school.  Yet here is a photo showing it flying (or limping) on the weekend.

This is what passes for teaching kids about "respect" these days.

I still haven't received a response from the Minister's office - not even an acknowledgement that they received my email.  Given how long it took to get action taken on the flag outside Five Dock Police Station, I'm hoping to get this flag replaced by Christmas.  And to also ensure that it isn't left flying over the holidays, let alone overnight.

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