Sunday, July 19, 2009

The stuff people inject themselves with

I was doing my irregular sweep of the street last week, picking up all the rubbish that people leave behind.  In amongst the usual McDonalds wrappers and cans of V and the odd wine bottle, there was a syringe.  I've collected the odd syringe when doing Clean Up Australia, but this was the first for our street.

There was a bit of paperwork with the syringe, so out of curiosity, I picked that up too and read it.

There were two receipts from a taxi EFTPOS machine - both rejected.  It looks like our litterbug caught a taxi over this way, and didn't have the required $10 in their savings account to pay the fare.

The other paperwork explained what the syringe contained - a prescription only drug for erectile dysfunction.

As we have a brothel not far away, I am guessing that some hard up (no pun intended) punter caught a taxi that they couldn't pay for, then injected themselves in the street with a drug for a service that they could not afford.  I wonder if the brothel lets regulars run a tab?

I wish the cops had busted him with his pants down (assuming he injected the stuff into his bum, as the instructions said to do) and given him a stiff fine.

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