Monday, August 3, 2009

Civic Pride - or what's left of it

We have a winner.

Last Tuesday, I reported three vandalised items at the same location - a letter box, an Energy Australia kiosk and an RTA traffic light utility cabinet. The race was then on to see which company could clean their asset the fastest.

This morning, I can announced the winner - Australia Post! Frankly, I'm amazed, but they've won fair and square, so all kudos to them. They get the Good Citizenship award of the week. Next time I write them a letter, I'll attach a gold star.

I'm keeping an eye on this location to see who gets silver and bronze.

That good result is unfortunately sullied by the fact that even though a Postie visits that letter box every single working day, I had to report the vandalism to them. What is it that is stopping Posties from reporting vandalism on Australia Post assets?

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