Friday, August 7, 2009

Nice catch

A boat ramp in Drummoyne. The right combination of wind and tide has conspired to push all the rubbish in this section of the harbour into this boat ramp. There are three distinct lines of trash across the ramp, denoting different tide levels. There'd be a couple of wheelie bins worth of rubbish on the ramp alone, and more blown up against the sea walls either side of the boat ramp.

One of the "tide lines" of junk.

Everything that floats is represented in this mess.

My guess is that this is a problem for the Waterways department, and it explains why they maintain rubbish traps on all the canals that feed into the harbour.

On the graffiti front, I've reported 17 separate Energy Australia kiosks, letter boxes and RTA utility cabinets since the end of the school holidays, and I have more to report tonight. The haul also includes a vandalised toilet block in a park and a kids playground. I reported a vandalised bridge to Ashfield Council on Monday, and it was cleaned the following day - top marks to Ashfield for quick work.

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