Thursday, September 25, 2008

The drain is just for rain

These photos show just how much rubbish ends up in the drains around here.  This canal, or drain, runs along the boundary of Haberfield, and it's always full of junk that has been washed into it from further upstream.  If it were not for traps like this, The Bay would be covered in a slick of rubbish from shore to shore.

The recent rains saw a higher level of water in the drains than normal, and all sorts of junk that would normally wash down into the trap has instead been caught on the sides of the canal as the water level has fallen.

There are possibly a hundred discarded drink bottles, spraypaint cans, oil bottles and so on washed up on the canal wall on the right in this photo.  Because of the way the canal is fenced, the only way to collect them would be to paddle up the canal in a kayak with a long grabby thing on a stick and then pick up the bottles one by one.

The alternative is to leave them here until the next storm, in the hope that the water will again rise to a level where they will be washed into the trap.

I counted half a dozen empty spray paint cans when I was taking these photos, and I am sure there were more.  Vandals like to spray the sides of the canal further upstream, and they are not too picky about how they dispose of their cans once they are empty.

These people are not "artists" - they are destructive grubs, pure and simple.  

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