Monday, September 29, 2008

Wymston Parade - success

About a month ago, I let Council know that the furniture along Wymston Parade had decayed rather badly and was becoming hazardous.  I went back today and found that most of the decrepit seats have been replaced - I think there are only two left.  The one on the right is an example of the old seating, with a new one on the left.

The new seats look excellent - although I didn't try sitting in one to see whether they are comfortable or not.  They are an enormous improvement on the old seats.  Things like this don't happen overnight, and I had not expected Council to move as quickly as they did to replace the old seats.  Big thumbs up.

There are also some very shiny new rubbish bins along the path as well, replacing bins that had really seen a better day.

It just goes to show that if you pick up the telephone and ask nicely, things can happen.  

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