Friday, September 26, 2008

Messing up the shoreline

These photos were all taken a few weeks back in Taplin Park, Drummoyne.  Someone had torn a few rubbish bins out of their mountings and tossed them into the water.  These bins are almost brand new, having recently replaced some badly vandalised bins.

The bins are usually mounted in pairs - this photo shows a solitary bin, as the second bin is in the drink.

This light pole shows where graffiti has been painted over - the base of the pole has been painted with a darker shade of grey.

Damage in the carpark near the boat ramp - a number of fence posts have been pushed over like this one.  It all looks deliberate rather than accidental.

I never got around to reporting this to Council.  I'll go back today if I can and check on whether a sharp-eyed Council employee has spotted it, or whether a member of the public has reported it.

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