Monday, September 29, 2008

Telstra - really caring for their assets

I have blogged about this phone booth in Concord several times before.  I rang Telstra and asked them to clean it up, and this was the response.

It appears that the cleaning process has removed the graffiti, but it has had the side effect of removing the underlying paint as well.  If I was in charge of Telstra's Marketing Dept, I'd have a fit over this.  Telstra are trying to promote a whizz-bang image with their 3G network, but phone booths like this make them look decidedly haphazard and useless.  

OK, so the cleaning process wrecked the signage - that's life.  But the least the cleaner could have done is report it, and ask for some new signage to be installed!  Is it that difficult?   Are people really that thick?

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