Sunday, September 28, 2008

An inability to find a rubbish bin

The bridge on the left is the City West Link, the one of the right is part of the Bay Run.  The canal is the Hawthorne Canal, which runs along the edge of Haberfield.  Behind me is the Legs on the Wall theatre.  In front of me is about half a shopping bag of rubbish - McDonalds food wrappers, beer bottles, cigarette packets and energy drink cans.  There is even more rubbish in the shrubs to the left and right (just out of shot).  This looks like another spot where people like to park, eat and then toss their rubbish out the car window onto the ground.

You can install as many rubbish bins as you like, but you just can't get around the problem that some people are grubs.


Elisabeth Molin said...

What can we do about the problem.
In town it is the same problem.
We live in a wonderful planet, but we can not let it be beautiful.

kae said...

The world is their tip.

It makes me irate, too.

Pigs. They're all pigs.

The place I work has lovely grounds, but the pigs have turned it into a tip. Every year when they trim the hedging plants around my builing I'm struck by the rubbish on the ground under the bushes - and noone removes it. I would, but unfortuneately I don't have the time.

Maybe if I asked for a sturdy bag and some grabbers they grounds section would oblige and I could clean it up in my lunch breaks or something?

Arrgh! I shouldn't have to.