Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sydney Water fails to act

I've tried twice now to get Sydney Water to clean this building in Concord.  Both attempts have been made via their website.  Next step is to write a letter to their CEO.  

Instead of writing to the CEO, I rang their contact number (13 20 90), and was put through to Spotless Maintenance.  After talking to them for a few minutes, it became clear it was not their problem, and I had to ring a Sydney Water security number - 1800 010 085.  I'm not sure why graffiti is lumped in with security, but they took the call and logged it and promised to get it cleaned up.

Now I was called a moron last month because I logged a job with Energy Australia and gave them the asset number rather than the street address.

But in this case, the first thing Sydney Water asked me for was the asset number!  The street address was no good.  Luckily, one of my photos showed a sign that said SPS 94 (which I think stands for Sewerage Pumping Station number 94), and the person taking the call was able to work out that it was in fact asset SP 094.  She spent a few minutes doing queries on their ERP or GIS system and eventually tracked down the location of the station and logged a job appropriately.  

So it can be very useful to try and find an asset number when reporting these things.

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