Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Energy Australia could learn something from the RTA

Over the last month, I have been jumping onto the RTA website and reporting every tagged traffic light control box where I've bothered to stop and get the asset tag number.

A colleague has been doing the same.

Someone at the RTA has seen these reports coming in, put two and two together and worked out that they have a problem - and they have decided to do something about all of them.  I got this very nice email today from an RTA manager:

A work order was issued to our contractor to clean all the boxes in the Canada Bay Local Government area on 28/11/2008 of which the box you requested was included. The work will be completed over the next week or 2.
Yours Sincerely,

Inspector (Signals)
Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW

I have blogged previously about the failure of Energy Australia to figure out that they too have a systemic problem with vandalism of their green "kiosks".  I have written to a number of managers at Energy Australia about this (and never had a reply), yet the RTA comes to the same conclusion as me within a couple of weeks.

Perhaps they can do some brain transplants between the RTA and Energy Australia?

Interestingly enough, both of these government authorities are on the same government anti-graffiti committee, where they are supposed to swap ideas and policies etc.  Is anyone from Energy Australia attending, and if so, are they listening?  Are they then taking those ideas back to work with them and spreading them around?  Is Energy Australia capable of learning from another government organisation, or are the ideas of the RTA shunned because they are "not invented here?"

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