Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to make the Epping Rd cycleway less enjoyable

I generally go for a ride with BayBUG (Canada Bay Bicycle User Group) once or twice a year, and last weekend was my final chance to get a 2nd ride in for 2008.  BayBUG organises a long ride once a month, and the final ride of the year was a circuit from Concord to the Epping Road cycleway.

The ride itself was great, but the graffiti along the new cycleway was not.  It's disappointing to see good money spent on building a proper cycling and walking track (and there were plenty of pedestrians using it), only to see idiots come along and trash parts of it.

The graffiti was on too many sites to mention, but here is a selection of what I saw.

Someone has even climbed up underneath this bridge abutment near the tollgates and had a go with a spray can.

I've reported this to the RTA via their website.  I've simply asked them to undertake a cleanup between Lane Cove and Naremburn, since that length contains the worst of it.  

By the way, membership of BayBUG is free and open to anyone who is interested in joining - although it helps if you live in the Canada Bay area.  Apart from the longer monthly rides, the group also runs weekend and evening rides catering for all levels of cyclists (but I have to admit that I've never done one of the shorter weekend or evening rides).

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thegoons said...

The first photo looks like an Optus mobile telephone base station?