Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekly wrapup

I reported the Citreon below to Council mid week - they've moved quickly and have already slapped an orange "we're going to take this car away" sticker on it.  The rego ran out over a year ago, and it hasn't moved since.

It hasn't moved for a long time because part of the suspension has come undone and smashed up into the bonnet.  Even if you did want to move it, you'd need a tow truck.

The Council anti-graffiti team have also taken no time at all to clean a messy tag off this sign at Dobroyd Point.  I reported it mid-week, and it is gone already.  It just goes to show that small, but irritating, things can be quickly taken care of - if they are reported.

Must remember to report this Energy Australia kiosk at Five Dock park.  It was cleaned a few months ago, but is attracting graffiti again.

I thought the awful weather of late would have discouraged kids from partying in the park late at night (and leaving their rubbish and graffiti behind), but they are made of sterner stuff than I imagined.  A spot of rain won't stop them from drinking and making a mess.

Both sides of this grandstand are regularly vandalised on weekends, and the Council has to send a team around on Monday morning to take care of the damage.  I'm going to have a chat with the Mayor about seeing if he can adjust the work hours of the Rangers so that they can patrol the park after dark on weekends.

The kids playground and the early childhood centre in the park have been thoroughly vandalised as well.  

Just about every bit of playground equipment has numerous tags on it, some of them by this "princess gigi", complete with butterflies or flowers (or are they just blowflies that she has drawn?)  This is the first time I have ever seen graffiti that is positively feminine in nature.  The last thing we need is equal numbers of girls vandalising our local environment.

I've reported this to Council via their excellent graffiti reporting website (which only works with IE - forget about using it with Firefox or Safari).


i hate complainers said...

You are a loser with no purpose in life except pester people and be uptight.

Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

Thanks, but my purpose in life is to annoy you. Seems I have succeeded, as all you are doing is complaining about what I do.

Who's uptight now?