Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Too much enthusiasm

A sign out the front of the Rhodes Community Centre.  It's free of graffiti, but it is also completely free of information.  This is one of those unfortunate signs where the application of metho rubs off both the graffiti and the signage.  I'm going to ask Council to at least put the words "Community Centre" back on the sign, so that people know what this building is for.

It is possible to manufacture signage that can be cleaned with metho without erasing the sign itself, but I imagine it is more expensive than the painted variety.  However, there's not much point in putting up signs in graffiti-prone areas that can't be cleaned with damaging them more than the graffiti.

The back of this concrete sign on Concord Road needs cleaning.

The view from the rear - reported to Council via their website.

There is a shipyard sculpture park of some sort on the river side of this reserve - a lot of the sculptures have also been tagged, which I've also reported.

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