Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Energy in action

"Energy in action" - I love that catchy title.  I have been racking my brains to try and remember who to call in regard to getting these cabinets cleaned up again.  Luckily, my trusty filing system provided the answer.  

Another letter is going in the post tonight.  Jemena did a good job of removing the graffiti shortly after I sent that letter, but it's time for another re-paint.  Finding out an address for Jemena was a bit of a chore - it's not something that they list on their website.  

16 December 2008

Mr David Ryan
Delivery Manager 
High Pressure Facilities
100 Bennelong Road
Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Mr Ryan

Removal of graffiti from Jemena facilities in Lilyfield

I wrote to the Managing Director of AGL in August of this year in regard to the removal of graffiti on gas equipment cabinets at the bottom of Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield.  

The graffiti that was there was removed soon afterwards, but it has since started to re-appear.  

Please arrange to have the graffiti removed from the structures at this site that are your responsibility.  

Yours sincerely


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