Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday roundup

Graffiti along Victoria Road where it comes off the Gladesville Bridge has long been a problem - the fences at the back of the properties that butt up against Victoria Road are constantly being tagged, and I don't recall them ever being cleaned or repainted.

That said, a mural has recently appeared along one fence.  It's not really my thing, but it's a big improvement on the graffiti found along the rest of this stretch.

The playground in Five Dock Park has been cleaned by Council - that was a very rapid turnaround.  

The Early Childhood Centre has also had all the graffiti removed.  

Just around the corner, there are two bus shelters that serve Domremy College.  Both have been vandalised.  Some vandals are escalating from drawing on the glass to smashing it.  I've reported the shelters along here to Council.

A side view of an abandoned Citreon in Five Dock.  The Council Rangers have tagged it for removal, so it should disappear in the next few weeks.  This car has been sitting here for over 6 months.

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